Lightweight Option for Z9?

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Re: My thoughts on lens weight with the Z9

Ricardo00 wrote:

Pixel boy wrote:

Z9 on the way but need a lighter option than the 200-500?

Can't justify the 100-400 (or even get one)


300mm PF with 1x4 adaptor

500mm PF 5.6 too limiting for single lens

Any advise appreciated, mainly shoot Aviation and BIF

Total weight of Z9 - 200-500 - ADAPTOR = 3,775g. The Z9 is a beast! which is just too heavy for me when handholding when held high for any period of time. I know this because of a combo I have been using that weighed ,2775g and that I found just manageable but arms hurt after a few hours using periodically for a few mins at a time.

I guess there are ways around it such as Gimble etc, but then I am limiting my versatility?

Ans before anyone says choose a different camera lol, I am looking for a lighter lens option not another camera.


I had been mostly shooting with the D500 and 500mm PF and been very happy. However I decided to get the Z9 and give it a try. So have been using the Z9 for the last several months. I definitely feel the "extra weight" of the Z9. At the time I ordered the Z9 I also ordered the 100-400mm since I wanted a shorter option for photo trips. However I realized that since the Z9 was my only mirrorless option, this forced me to put the 500mm PF lens on my D500 which I was using most of the time since the 100-400mm would only go on the Z9. So I ended up sending back the 100-400mm. I have tried my 70-300mm lens on the Z9 and find it works fine. In fact, when I know I won't need the reach, I use this combo (ie. whale watching, etc). I am sure the 100-400mm would be better and might get it again when I have a second mirrorless.

PS. This is a video I shot with the 70-300mm on my Z9

and a pic

Thanks for this. The images look to have nice colour and sharp, it may be an option to buy the 70-300 and a used 500mm PF

Thanks again

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