K1 close ups with DA 35mm 2.4 / FF with ext-tube

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Re: K1 close ups with DA 35mm 2.4 // A 28mm + Closeup lens

Hello Kerusker

Kerusker wrote:

KPM2 wrote:

Hello Kerusker,

That are very nice pictures with this combination. It's also nice to see what very good resolution this lens has, so that the resolution with a extension tube combination is still very nice....and it's bokeh also.

Danke KPM2,

leider kommen keine Eichhörnchen um mit mir zu frühstücken

I still have the Pentax A 28mm 2.8 and an Olympus IS/L A-Live Size Macro (f=130cm).

Just for comparison:

The M and A version have the same optics (I guess).

What's the focal length of the Pentax S40?

Thank you for this very nice pictures with your close up lens and your A 28mm. Very nice and tender transition into the out of focus area with this combination.

I don't know the focal length of the S40. It was made for the SMC 50mm lens, but I use it now with my 28mm. I only know the magnification I can get with the 28mm lens and it's ca. 1:5

best regards  KPM2

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