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Started Nov 7, 2003 | Discussions thread
Tee Lon Tsen Forum Member • Posts: 63
Re: Tracking number

seem like a good news to me, i have received the tracking number.
hopefully it will not have any problem when i get it.

-jeffB wrote:

Tee Lon Tsen wrote:

i just check my Credit Card and there have just charged my order,
but i didnt receive any tracking number from them ?!
is this kind of cheatting?
the policy mention will charge until the item had be shipped!

They don't get a tracking number until they're actually billed for
shipping the item. I think it would be unusual for them to wait
and charge your credit card after they'd been charged for

For what it's worth, I got a tracking link this afternoon, and they
claim it's scheduled for delivery here on Wednesday. My wife feels
like she's coming down with something, and I just might have to
stay home and help her with the kids that day...

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