Am I crazy to want an Inspire 2?

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Re: yes :)

mmarian wrote:

MikeReid wrote:

I had an Inspire 2, X5S and several lenses. Took it all over the US and to Iceland. I've hiked with it strapped to a backpack. Its an impressive drone with great IQ. Its not subtle and its not something you can fold up and toss in a bag. The big deal is not only sensor but the ability to mount 50mm and 90mm lenses for a unique view. I found that I could get 80% of the IQ using my Autel Evo 2, but I do miss the lenses. The Mavic 3 is ok, but word is, the quality of the lens involved degrades the Micro 4/3rds advantage. The XDynamics Evolve 2 looks promising.

Some favorite X5S stills:

Iceland Highlands, DJI 15mm kit lens

Skagit Valley Olympus 45mm lens (90mm)

Mount Baker Dusk Olympus 25mm lens (50mm)

Beautiful photos BTW!!

I have to say that I got pretty excited about the Mavic 3. I though to myself if I can get the IQ of I2 sans the lenses in much smaller form factor I might get one. Then I downloaded some DNG files available online and cooled off. The tiny lens in front of M43 sensor kind of kills the advantage of having the camera with large (ish) sensor. The old saying there no such thing as a free lunch is very much true in here. For video I read is great but the stills are not that impressive, IMHO. So, my good old I2 is not going on ebay as yet 🙂

I apologize for mucking up my post by placing my photo (taken also with I2 and Oly 12mm lens) on top of the three beautiful Mike Reid's photos, perhaps confusing the unsuspected reader into thinking that it is also his. Just wanted to clarify..

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