Why don't I understand Auto ISO?

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Re: Why don't I understand Auto ISO?

ViMa wrote:

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ViMa wrote:

The problem is the camera always tries to shoot with 1/80th always going for the lowest ISO possible unless it reaches ISO 100. I might as well set SS to 1/80 and call it a day.

Thanks, I'm also getting used to how the auto-ISO is implemented on the GR3x.

I've just checked gain, there's the option to select a minimum ISO and maximum ISO< and a min.SS at which the camera should increase the ISO.

My conclusion is the auto-ISO works as the menu suggests:

It will lower the ISO if the minimum set shutter speed can be achieved, or on the contrary, raise the ISO if SS will get below the min. set value.

The camera can't guess if/when we want a faster shutter speed at the expense of a higher ISO.

If we want a faster shutter speed, we should enter a faster minimum shutter speed, or switch to manual (here I miss my Leica's SS-dial which can always overrule auto-SS; on the GR, we much change to another "mode" for this, adding extra complexity)

So rather thab putting the minimum acceptable shutter speed you'd suggest I try an averagely ideal one such as 1/500, and when the camera is forced to lower it below that if I otherwise reach my max ISO set, it'll go below that?

yup that works but you have to accept you will always be at max iso until your shutter speed is above the minimum.

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