I hate the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 S

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Re: I hate the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 S

Virtual Photon wrote:

johnanderson wrote:

Virtual Photon wrote:

johnanderson wrote:

Varuas wrote:

This single lens is causing all other lenses to just collect dust. It is great for indoors and outdoors, regardless of situations. All other focal lengths look unnatural after shooting at 50mm. And this lens is sharp edge to edge at the widest aperture. It puts all my other lenses to shame.

For video, its focusing is silent and very smooth. I have not tried to test its weather resistance too much, but I have used it in humid, hot, cold, and dry conditions without issues. I have yet to drop it, so cannot speak on its ruggedness.

Funny. But it's a basic 50mm lens. Sharp yes, but poor build - seen several of these coming apart, there was a thread on the forum recently.



Not exactly confidence inspiring now, is it?

That is exactly two (not 'several'). Well, one documented (so to speak) and one hearsay. And this is out of how many total production 50's? Not exactly confidence shaking.

Buy one and see how long it lasts. I had one...pretty delicate build quality.

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