Nikon Z6 - Washed Out EVF and U1/2/3 Question

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Re: Nikon Z6 - Washed Out EVF and U1/2/3 Question

jameskuzman wrote:

I'm a rather new user to the Nikon mirrorless world, having used Nikon DSLRs for many years before making the switch to Fujifilm about 8 years ago.

I picked up a new Z6 a couple of months ago and I'm really enjoying the camera, but have one unresolved issue and one question to which I can't seem to find a definitive answer despite doing my best to research it myself (including reading the manual).

Issue: The EVF looks washed out compared to the actual image taken. I have d8 set to "On" so that I can see exposure changes in the EVF, and indeed, it is working. If I trust the histogram, I get a properly exposed image. If I judge the exposure by the look of the EVF, I'll under-expose by at least a full stop every time. It is worse in bright light than dim light. I've played with the EVF brightness turning it down just renders a darker version of the washed out image. The rear panel display doesn't seem to suffer the same issue. Any thoughts on this?

Yes, set both monitor brightness and EVF brightness to zero, apply settings to live view ON.

The most important thing is something in the standby timers settings. I don't have a camera with me at the moment so I can't say for sure. The issue is that the monitor and viewfinder dim a few seconds before the standby timer expires. So by playing with these settings you can somehow avoid dimming of the EVF.

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