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Avoid MPB (Was: Re: Big Shout-Out for MPB/US)

Avoid MPB.

Here's my recent experience:

  • May 25. Ordered a Fujifilm X-T4 black body, described as "like new"
  • May 27. Camera arrived -- well packaged, excellent cosmetic condition, zero shutter activations. Sounds great? However, the serial number had been removed, and the serial number shown in the EXIF data was listed by Fujifilm as belonging to a silver body. This means that this camera would be difficult to cover under insurance, may be stolen, and could be difficult to bring into/out of countries or business facilities that require recording the serial number.
  • May 29. Contacted MPB about the missing serial number.
  • May 30. I spoke with Fujifilm directly and they were unable to tell me if that camera body had been reported stolen or how it had gotten to the retail sales chain.
  • May 30. After getting no response from MPB to my voice mail or email, I finally reached someone after multiple calls -- they couldn't explain the missing serial number or the history of the camera, I explained that I needed a new camera body by June 9, but they wouldn't do an advance exchange, and suggested that the fastest route would be to buy another camera and get a refund on the one that was missing the serial number.
  • May 30. I purchased another body from MPB. The MPB website now had detail in the camera descriptions that some of the Fujifilm X-T4 bodies in their inventory were missing serial numbers. I carefully selected a black X-T4 body that did not state the serial number had been removed.
  • June 2. Received a Fujifilm body from MPB. This one was also well packaged and in excellent cosmetic condition. However it was a silver body and also missing the serial number -- it was not the item I purchased. I ceased unwrapping the camera (never even inserted the battery) and I immediately contacted MPB (about 10am on a Thursday) and left voice mail after no one answered. After repeated phone calls I spoke with a representative later that day, and said that I needed a replacement body by the following Thursday, June 9. He volunteered to expedite shipping on an exchange of the silver body for a black camera body with a serial number, and assured me that the specific replacement body would be held for me. We discussed the shipping times and the need for them to inspect the silver body that was being returned, and he said they would be able to expedite the inspection process and return shipping, without my requesting that from him.
  • June 3. I shipped back the two bodies the following day (Friday).
  • June 6. The camera bodies were delivered to MPB on Monday morning.
  • June 7. I emailed MPB about the status of the exchange. No response.
  • June 8. Left voice mail with MPB on Wednesday about the status of the exchange. No response. Called MPB multiple times through out the business day with no answer. Their website showed that chat messages would not get a response until the next day.
  • June 9. Thursday, 9:01AM, I spoke with a representative at MPB, who told me that the cameras I returned hadn't been inventoried yet. I explained the history, including the offer from MPB to provide express shipping so that I would be able to get the replacement by June 9. I said I would be available to receive delivery by June 10, and was told that I probably wouldn't get the replacement camera body on time, but that someone would get back to me with the status.
  • June 9, 3:55PM. As no one from MPB contacted me about the status, I called them and was told that the returned camera bodies hadn't been inspected and that a replacement could not be delivered on-time.
  • June 9, 5:01PM. The representative I spoke with at 9AM called to let me know that they wouldn't be able to send a replacement camera.

At this moment I've got a bag of lenses, no camera body, and credit card charges for two X-T4s. They are now estimating at least another week before any refund is applied to my credit card.

The big issues here:

1. Selling questionable equipment (numerous bodies with serial numbers removed).

2. Customer service representative making an offer to expedite the inspection/return to rectify their sales errors when the company would be unable to meet those commitments.

If anyone from MPB is reading this and takes issue with my description of the events, I am happy to provide the transaction numbers, emails confirming purchases, shipping, and dates/times of each phone call. When calling MPB, there is an announcement that all phone calls are recorded for training purposes. I certainly hope that is true, and that someone from MPB will review those calls and understand why I am now a former (and never future) customer.

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