RF 100mm F2.8L MACRO weird click noise when focus locked onto subject

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John Pane
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Re: RF 100mm F2.8L MACRO weird click noise when focus locked onto subject

What puzzles me, is that the blade-unit clicks when the autofocus has locked onto the subject.

This does not happen all the time, but can be reproduced like so:

  • turn the camera on, aperture set to something different than 2.8
  • focus and make pictures (no clicks, everything is silent as promoted, you can do that basically for a long time)
  • but when I use the DOF preview button (once)
  • from then onwards, the aperture blades do twitch 0.5 - 1mm forth and back at the end of each focusing which makes a click sound, independent whether the focus system needs support from the blades
  • this can be "healed" by turning the cam off and on again, whilst everything will be silent until I use DOF preview again OR the camera uses the blades to help the focusing system

I have an R5 and this lens. The key observation you made is that the camera is adjusting the aperture to assist with focusing. If it happens not to need this assistance you will not hear the aperture blades moving, but if it does you will hear the sound no matter how small the aperture adjusts. This behavior seems completely consistent, regardless whether any frames have been shot or the DOF button pressed since the camera was turned on.

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