M 240 and M-E

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Re: M 240 and M-E

pixelillo wrote:

Have been checking production timeline of Leica cameras and found something that confuses me. There's a Leica M, with a 24Mp sensor, whose production starts in 2013. Most of the Leicas M you find in the market belong to that series, but have hardly found any model of this M-E. Was it a completely new model or is simply a case or renaming to put it again in the market?

In the times I bough my old film Leica cameras (own and M3 and an M4-2) Leica used to publish the serial numbers of the cameras produced, so, you could find out when yours had been produced, but since M8 this good habit stopped and now, with this continuous changes of letters and figures accompanying the model, is really difficult to know how old the camera you want to buy is


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