Inexcusable for Sony not to provide lower res mode dial/menu

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Re: Inexcusable for Sony not to provide lower res mode dial/menu

But without a variable raw file size, I'd have to shoot all of every wedding at 50mp or 60mp.

This is a completely wrong premise. RAW files are supposed to be RAW data fed from the sensor. If the sensor is 60MP, the RAW will be 60MP. You cannot replace sensor in your camera by push of a button. Really the only way that could be done is by cropping (ie. shooting in APS-C mode would store only the pixels within the APS-C sensor area).

You can downscale on import. But even if you store it as eg. DNG, it's no longer really a RAW file. It just happens to be the same file format that is also used for RAW data. That's because for downscaling to work, the RAW data are demosaiced (in theory it might not be necessary, but I don't think any software does it) and then scaled. Both being lossy operation, you might as well use JPEG or one of the more modern formats such as HEIC or JPEG XL so you wont lose bit depth.

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