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Re: My experience with log

MaxN wrote:

I see some nice, replies: Thank you.

Thinking about about ISO as a mapping is a useful idea. And I see some replies talking about applying a negative gain setting. This is all good info. Do you know a web site, perhaps with diagrams, that explains this further?

This article by DPR's own Richard Butler might be useful, particularly the section on "ISOs in log mode".

I understand that the sensor output is technically linear to start with, and a log transform is applied to get it to what the eye perceives as linear, so then it seems a little counterintuitive to apply a new gamma to put it back into a SLOG profile... get what I mean? It seems like you could have left the data in a 10bit linear profile that still spans the full dynamic range. I expect the explanation is because of better noise performance at the top end? Anyway, in my hunt for answers I usually turn up web sites that are either over simplified, or go into more science than I need to know.

As far as I'm aware, there's only one non-linear transfer function applied to the raw data, whether it be standard Rec 709 gamma, Slog3, HLG, PQ etc. There's no doubling up. However there could be some creative tonal non-linearity introduced during color grading.


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