Focus shift an issue with the Sigma Art primes?

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Re: Focus shift an issue with the Sigma Art primes?

KiwiTux wrote:

I did notice a touch of focus shift at near distances at F1.8-2.0, but this was fixed with AFMA. I think in theory this would just move the focus shift deeper into the field, but in practice I've never noticed the difference due to increased DOF. And I still need to get the dock.

I am trying to understand if it is possible to fix this focus shift issue with some autofocus micro adjustment (AFMA). Someone claims it's not possible, someone else, as you, says that instead it can be done.

As you said that you fixed this focus shift issue using AFMA (DSLR camera body AFMA or Sigma Dock USB), and as you could really fix this focus shift issue with AFMA just in case of this focus shift was regularly always the same for every stop values, have you also noticed and checked that this focus shift issue is regularly, always the same, for every stop value (even in case you stop down more than f2,8/4, altought not noticeble because the increasing dof) and focus distance?

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