DJI Mini3 battery only 24 minutes

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Re: DJI Mini3 battery only 24 minutes

JohnHarlin wrote:

Purpose is sense of security especially since I want to do some long flights to rock islands and light houses over the ocean as well as to inaccessible coves.

There is even a closed up coastside railroad tunnel that might be physically accessible but I don't want to chance climbing to a place I have never seen or heard anyone go to. I'll let the Mini3 take the risk.

There is a light house a mile out that has a helicopter landing pad on top which I once saw a helicopter land. It is not usually used but I guess it was tested that day. I want to land on that pad with the Mini3 and then bring it back.

Lots of things you can do that you can't physically access and get rare and unique videos and photos in the process.

  1. Over the ocean, I would feel more secure with a longer battery. And I would never fly with a wind more than 5 miles per hour and only fly over the ocean very early in the morning when there are no winds and in remote spots where there are no people around to complain over one thing or another like I would be disturbing the birds, seals, fish or dolphins or spying on them or some other crap. I don't want to have another person within a mile of me when I fly.

Best way to avoid conflict is not giving anyone the chance to bring conflict around in the first place.

I have already seen some of this Mini3 conflict on YouTube like on Henrik's video.

In this scenario I wouldn't worry about the extra weight, just fly with the larger battery. Mavic 3 would likely be a better choice for this, though if you're very worried about other people then then the Mini 3 is very silent, above 100 metres it can barely be heard.

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