RF 100-500 - trouble with autofocus and birds

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Re: RF 100-500 - trouble with autofocus and birds

Dan-Z wrote:

The first shot, I can see that the focus point is on the lake and not on the goose. I think it's all those sparkly highlights on the lake that is throwing off the camera, I've also had a trouble getting birds in focus with that exact same kind of lighting. And the goose doesn't fill the frame so much so that makes it harder. Setting the initial point on this shot could have helped. The second shot, nothing is in focus, the shot went off before your lens had time to finish hunting, don't you have other shots in the same burst that are in focus? It seems like the crane is big enough in the frame that the camera should have been able to find it. The 3rd shot I think is in focus, but hard to tell as it's a 12800 ISO shot. Zoomed out it looks fine, but zoomed in, it's very grainy so I can't tell where the focus point is.

Thanks, Dan. What you said about #1 and #3 is what I was expecting to hear.

The 2nd shot is a good example of what I was experiencing - the burst I took never captured an in-focus shot. This was the closest one. The rest were even more blurry. I'm willing to admit it might be my own lack of experience with tracking moving birds, but I was also a little surprised (not in a good way) that I had more rejects than keepers.

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