DJI Mini3 battery only 24 minutes

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Re: DJI Mini3 battery only 24 minutes

JohnHarlin wrote:

Can anyone who has the DJI mini3 confirm that they only get 24 minutes battery time instead of the 34 minutes stated. A lot of people on YouTube are saying they only get 24 minutes. I find it hard to believe they could be 10 minutes short.

DJI drones are programmed to land with about 15-20% of the battery remaining. On the Mini 3 if you touch the battery icon it drops down to give 3 different battery times remaining, the shortest of these is the countdown to auto RTH, when 20% of battery is remaining. That is about 24 minutes from the start of your flight.

And what about the bigger battery that is supposed to give you 47 minutes. Does that mean you only get 37 minutes?

And finally, could some of you experts think of something you could remove or temporarily remove on the Mini3 that could help it make the 250 gram weight cutoff with the larger battery because I don't think the larger battery puts it over the weight limit by that much.

Absolutely not. I would just use the larger battery. What is the purpose for needing such a long flight?

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