Focus shift an issue with the Sigma Art primes?

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Re: Focus shift an issue with the Sigma Art primes?

X Ray wrote:

I'll only comment on the Magical 40 because it is the only f1.4 lens I currently own. Because it can be shot wide open with impunity, I tend to shoot it that way a lot. So obviously, I auto focus fine tune it for perfection there. If I stop down to f2 and shoot a focus test chart, it is back focused very slightly (focus shift). In real world shooting, I never notice. Once stopped down to f2.8, DOF has increased enough to not even notice on a focus test chart shot at minimum focus distance.

Are you talking about Sigma 40mm f1,4 Art?

As you said you can notice some focus shift issue just at f2, have you also checked if this focus shift issue changes and becomes heavier with different focus distances?

What's more, as you also suggested to get the Dock USB, is this Dock USB useful to reduce or remove this focus shift issue?

Many many thanks,


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