Zoom & Manual Focus Ring Issues on FZ1000

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BRAND NEW FZ1000M2 HAS THIS ISSUE - Re: Zoom & Manual Focus Ring Issues on FZ1000

axlotl wrote:

jim wrote:

This YouTube video review was quite critical of the lens mounted zoom & focus rings.

I realize this was discussed about 15 months ago here, but I'm wondering if Panny has made corrections/improvements to more recent models. So, do people who bought in the last 4-5 months still see these problems?

I have a FZ50 I think is dying and I keep holding on to it because of these rings that are great, thus they are on of the things that make the FZ1000 appealing to me. I absolutely detest the auto zoom levers I have to go back and fourth, back and fourth to get to the correct zoom.

Also, it seems like I read somewhere the zoom ring doesn't go the full range of 25-400. Is that so?

Hi, There is no problem with the zoom/focus ring on the FZ1000. Graham Houghton made much ado about nothing much in one of his videos some time ago, presenting the erroneous view that there was a problem with the camera when the real problem was more likely that Mr Houghton had not taken the time to properly familiarise himself with it. I suspect most of the negative initial reaction came from users (like me) who were unfamiliar with the power zoom operation. Zooming does require some practice but soon becomes second nature. There is an optimum speed of rotation of the ring which produces the fastest zooming speed. Rotating faster or slower is less effective.

I still prefer manual zoom lenses but all the long zoom cameras have power zoom these days so one must adapt.

Of course the zoom function goes the full range from 25-400mm or further if you have one of the digital zooms enabled.

You can also zoom with the lever around the shutter button if desired, but I use this for exposure compensation.



I was so pleased to get an FZ1000M2 today, and then I soon discovered this camera (even with control ring set properly in the custom menu) has the exact problem in every way as Graham described in his video which was his concern with the original FZ1000 ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=phjZKWd5hm8 ). And, in fact, the faster you turn the ring the slower the effect. It never behaves predictably.

So, contrary to Graham's followup video claiming this was corrected in the Mark ll ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=slnFQEJO0LA ), let it be known today that this faulty control ring is alive and well in Panasonic's kitchen of goofy deserts. Unlikely it is the physical potentiometer. The erratic and delaying behaviour would indicate processing.

This FZ1000M2 is going back to B&H.

(A few photos leave questions as to the history of this camera) (photos are as taken straight out of the box excepting I put the UV filter on. Roughed up battery compartment, impacted dust (?) around lens barrel end, heavily scarred box)

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