Canon FD Reflex 500mm how to remove the mount flange?

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Re: Canon FD Reflex 500mm how to remove the mount flange?

paul hofseth wrote:

I did that a long time ago;, cannot recall where the fastening elements were that I removed in order to shorten the whole thing, probably hidden by the bayonet with what the Germans call a "madenschraube" on its side.

What i vividly remember that I did wrong was to discard the little black conical shield fastened to the bayonet assembly. It was acting as a baffle to guard against stray light from the light twice crossing its interior. This catadioptic is known to produce a brighter picture center (sort of reverse vignetting), but without this bafflle it was even worse


Thanks, yeah I will def use the baffle in the end! So far I've managed to unscrew the silver FD flange retaining ring. So now I can see there is a very thin plate cover over the 3x mounting screws. It appears that the baffle (conical tube) is riveted on top of this plate.

Maybe be removing the baffle, the cover can then be removed .. ?

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