Am I crazy to want an Inspire 2?

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Re: yes :)

Boomanbb wrote:

Ken Seals wrote:

blank_ wrote:

in my country - I believe it will be the same in whole EU, everything is quite easy up to 900g drone + you can do all tests etc online. Then it gets complicated in 900-4Kg range and even more so in 4-25Kg. More limitations about where to fly and not so easy tests (I believe not just online) I believe you may have to pay for the license and insurance too (but I'm not sure here)

Then why speculate?

The OP is in the US, easy to find out by clicking his name at the top of the post. Are you completely familiar with the US regulations?

Only special license I would be after is my part 107. I’m really hoping an Inspire 3 gets released, should put more inspire 2 models on the used market.

I still hope, we will get something from DJI or Autel with longer lens and decent sensor under 900g. As long as you stick with iso 100 (which I do all the time with stills) I dont see much difference between 1" and X5S, and with 1" a 3x zoom lens or even better  interchangeable camera modules should be something, that can be done.

I expect Autel to copy the Mavic 3 with its next drone, so lets hope they use something bigger than 1/2" 12 mpix sensor for the long lens.

If you really want the inspire 2  though, I'd just get it. At this moment it is the only choice (unless you go for some custom build drone to carry a small mirrorless) and X5S with some Olympus primes is not  so expensive. DJI uses the TB50 batteries for another products, so lets hope they will not be discontinued with the inspire 2 (as did inspire 1 batteries). Just tell yourself you are saving that money from inflation :))

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