Little art project with a beat up GR

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Re: Little art project with a beat up GR

joslocum wrote:

Siralgovia wrote:

I used those two references. It was actually super easy. The only harder part was to bend those little latches back around the inner LCD module. There are two cables attached on there. Unfortunately I clipped the red one. But since it is connected to video sound, I'm not worried. I always carry my cellphone as well and video on my cell should beat the GR video by a mile. At least from what I've read.

I will check these out, thanks,

Btw, I sent my GRIII back in to have the dust removed from the sensor. Once I received it back I took a hard look at the exterior and screws and I'm really questioning whether or not they disassembled it at all. Meaning, I wonder if they have some type of flexible hose or straw that might fit thru the gap of the lens housing. At which point they could turn on the vacuum and also turn on the sensor shaker, whereupon the dust would be removed.

I wonder if this is possible.

The sensor cleaning disassembly of the GRiii may be different to the GR/GRii. You might want to ask for advice specific to the camera. I have done my grii many times and is fairly straightforward. Having said that I now send it to the Ricoh service people once a year on average to get it done properly. Just the cost of doing business with this camera unfortunately. To avoid dust I use lens adapter or the JJC metal lens cover, also avoid opening battery cover.

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