G1 tips for action shots?

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Re: G1 tips for action shots?

RM Wilson wrote:

There are few things you can do:

1. Use the continuous mode shooting where you can fire off a
series of pictures at about 1 per sec. You use the black button
next to the shutter to turn it on, then hold the shutter down for
continuous shooting.

If the G1 is anything like the G2, continuos focus is slower than single focus.

2. As the previous poster stated, digital pictures are cheap.
Keep shooting til you get a good one. Good photographers are
always thinking about opportunities to shoot a good picture. Keep
your camera ready by your side and ready for action.

3. Use an external flash for indoor pictures using the ceiling to
bounce the light off of. Bouncing the light makes for a more
natural look. Normally available light photography demands slow
shutter speeds which is not good for action and wide open apertures
which make for short depth of field. So the flash will help
because it is a fast burst of light and helps stop the action.

4. Try standing back and zooming in on the subject. This should
give a longer depth of field also and reduce the focus problem.

Although zooming in from a distance is more flattering to the subject it REDUCES depth of field. It is also hard for the camera to focus in low light when zoomed. I suggest a spot with lots of light and setting the camera mode on AV with aperture at 5.6 (use high ISO if necessary) and use zoom at the wide angle end of its range. Focus the camera on something 5 feet away and lock manual focus at this setting. Now you can shoot rapidly (because camera does not have to auto focus. Your DOF at 5 feet and 5.6 covers anything from 5 feet to over one hundred feet. Just Be sure your shutter speed chosen by the camera is 60 or above so you don't get motion blur from your unsteady hands. It will take a shutter speed of 125 to sto most child arm movement.

5. Be patient with your photography skills. The G1 is a bit
frustrating when you are pushing for a quick picture. Given enough
time it can make for remarkable pictures.

Bob W.

Phil Lanoue wrote:

James Babb wrote:


I do pretty well with my G1 in auto-mode. I've never had much luck
with the manual settings. Since a rash of new children in the
family, I'm realizing the need for better action shots.

The autofucos delay is making me miss some good pics. The instant
between the focus lock and the click is also a problem, as my
subject moves out of focus. Sometimes just moving arms are blrry.

I realize there is no miracle solution, but if anyone has some
simple tips for action photography I'd love to hear them.


Jim Babb

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The best results using your G1 to make action shots will be outside
in brightly lit situations.
Use the camera's TV or Shutter Priority Mode and set the shutter
speed at 400 or above to stop action.
You will need to pre-focus as best as possible to defeat the
shutter lag that you have to deal with. This can involve depressing
the shutter button down half way to lock focus, then all the way to
make the shot.
If your subject has moved position significantly since your pre
focus then the subject will still probably not be in focus.
Another option is to pre-focus on your subject's predicted position
after shutter lag.
In any case, your best resutls will probably come from shooting,
shooting, shooting. Over shoot. Hey it's digital, all your are
using is memory and battery power. If it takes 20 shots to get 1 or
2 good ones, then so be it. Shot away, have fun, experiment.

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