Is R5 1/8000 shutter speed limitting with f1.2 lenses wide open?

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Re: Here is what I Do...

EOSSpeedLite wrote:

Here are a few ideas:

Use ISO L, which is ISO 50. You get no drop in DR penalty.

Not exactly true. I have compared DPR RAW file at ISO 100 with ISO L (=50) RAW (shot using the same shutter speed and aperture) and found that ISO L RAW is practically identical to the darker file I got using DPRSplit to split my DPR ISO 100 RAW file.

Since an ISO 100 DPR file has a bright file that can show about 1 stop more dark details, that means ISO 100 shot in DPR mode has 1 stop more DR than ISO L - if user know how to use a photo editing software to combine these files in HDR mode

By the way, I have tried shooting in DPR mode at ISO L and wish I could get ISO 25 performance using DPRSplit. Unfortunately, DPRSplit gave me two identical files at ISO 50 brightness instead of one normal file and one darker file I got when shooting at higher ISO. - no ISO 25

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