Am I crazy to want an Inspire 2?

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Re: yes :)

Sagittarius wrote:

blank_ wrote:

I have exactly the same problem as I would often need a different field of view and longer lens (90mm equivalent would be perfect).

But those bigger drones just suck The whole package is huge, batteries expensive and while no one really cares when you fly air 2s the inspire is a huge beast.. you need to be really careful and need a different license. It sucks from so many reasons

What different license?

in my country - I believe it will be the same in whole EU, everything is quite easy up to 900g drone + you can do all tests etc online. Then it gets complicated in 900-4Kg range and even more so in 4-25Kg. More limitations about where to fly and not so easy tests (I believe not just online) I believe you may have to pay for the license and insurance too (but I'm not sure here)

I really wish there was something like air 2s - or interchangeable module to fit there a longer lens in 50-100mm equivalent range with 1" sensor. If mavic 3 was a 24-70mm zoom with 1" I would buy it immediately.

At least there could be a digital solution in Air 2s offering digital 3x zoom with binding multiple shots to increase resolution. I guess it may be worth to try it manually - 10 or 20 shots combined and cropped may help a little bit.

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