Is this the natural look of a Canon Canonet 28 iris\shutter at f5.6?

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Re: Is this the natural look of a Canon Canonet 28 iris\shutter at f5.6?

Bob Janes wrote:

rick6 wrote:

Thank you all for the input.

Even though this was bough as a gift for my wife, i'm enjoying as well!

I've seen some pretty nice pictures online taken with it, the optics seem to be quite nice.

I'm just taking a first risk here wasting a roll without a proper battery and not changing the light seals, although they seemed quite ok.

Great little rangefinder overall!

It is a very decent little rangefinder. I had one for years in the back of a cupboard and was very impressed when I finally put a film through it. I even wrote a review of it for 35mmc ( ).

The only thing to be careful of with the Canonet 28 if you’re buying one is that the meter absolutely must work. Without it there’s no realistic manual override. Consequently it also needs a battery, although when I owned one I found the meter didn’t seem too choosy about the battery voltage.

Later on I was doing an experiment for 35mmc of sending a camera around the world - I chose an old Canonet, but the response to take part was so great that I ended up sending the Canonet 28 around as well. Because of that my Canonet 28 is somewhere in the US at present, but it has produced some interesting shots -

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