Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

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Re: Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

aayjay wrote:

I have the GH6 and it is plenty sharp in all video modes. I only use Vlog. There's no problem with diffraction unless your f-stop is incredibly high... 16 and above if that while taking video (which is lower resolution than stills).

99% sure it's your ND filter. Do a test in low-light conditions w/o your filter on the lens and see how it compares. ND filters can also look good on some lenses and cause very little resolution loss while on other lenses it looks bad. (The focal length of the lens, its aperture and quality of the filter all play into this.)

It is possible, I have really only used the NiSi 5-9 stop Variable ND for the few landscpae videos I have made as my other, the NiSi 1.5-5 stop Variable ND wasn't dark enough and while I haven't tested it for landscape videos as it doesn't go dark enough, when I have used it for everything else it has seems OK on my Olympus 12-40mm (although I am not sure if another filter would be better or not), so maybe it is the 5-9 stop filter adding potential softness to the image?

The problem I have was that I can't really afford to spend money on a bunch of various filters to see which ones worked the best or not and there are very few, if any I could find online of 4K (even in 5.7K) of videos taken in V-Log on the GH6 showing landscape shots as most of the footage seems there is something closer up in the shot, so I couldn't tell if what I was getting was normal or not as I had nothing to compare with.

I would like to get this sorted soon as possible since the videos I am making are mostly of wild plants and insects and I only have a certain amount of time to record them before its past the time of year to find them and I need to include wide landscape shots.

I got the NiSi Variable ND filters because they didn't have the X when stopped down and didn't have a color cast I could see and being variable and not fixed, I could dial in my exposure to how I wanted it.

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