Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

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Re: Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

DNature wrote:

Thanks everyone for the replies. I know about V-Log not being as sharp and having to add some sharpening in post. I know that is far better than having the image already sharp and not being able to reduce the sharpness in editing if it looks too sharp. I always check my focusing with manual focus assist to make sure I am in focus before taking a video.

I found out by editing a couple of my videos in Premiere Pro and using Neat Video noise reduction to reduce some of the shadow noise, its sharpness settings are a lot better than just adding normal sharpness or an unsharp mask and gives me a much better result.

SOTOK wrote:

GH6 requires growing comfortable with high ISO shooting and sorted ND filters. Some ND filters can cause softness in the image. There are banding issues reported with this sensor against light sources so compose accordingly.

I know about the light streaking issue in high contrast scenes and so far in the 50+ videos I have taken, it hasn't been an issue, but I mostly shoot outdoors in daylight so it shouldn't be an issue, still the chance it could happen isn't great though.

How long is the process for Neat image?  For a 1 minute clip, it is quick?

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