Is this the natural look of a Canon Canonet 28 iris\shutter at f5.6?

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Re: Is this the natural look of a Canon Canonet 28 iris\shutter at f5.6?

rick6 wrote:

Thank you. As the person in that thread said, you made my day!

Seems that the shutter from the QL is different from the canonet 28, I didn't know that and seeing some QL's on YouTube made me think my canonet was broken.

Now we're just going to try a roll with a 1.5v alternative battery and see how it works.

This is normal for programmed shutter cameras. Sometimes the aperture can be quite freaky shapes.

It actually means that is some instances they can offer higher shutter speeds than the 'normal' 1/500 you get with a seperate leaf shutter and diaphragm setup - mainly bacuase the shutter does not have to open up fully for the highest speeds - instead it opens a tiny hole for a shorter time.

Bokeh doesn't tend to suffer too much - partly because the lenses are so wide that wildly OoF highlights are not common, plus the shutter-diaphragm is moving throughout the exposure, so you don't get sharp diaphragm outlines like you would with a seperate setup.

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