APS-C lens on full frame camera: perspective

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APS-C lens on full frame camera: perspective

Dear community,

I have a Sony full frame camera (A7RII / A7R2) and I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy a Sony APS-C lens for videography.

If I had the Sony E 16mm f/2.8 (it's an APS-C lens) and mounted it on my full frame camera, then switched on APS-C mode in-camera, how would the perspective look like?

As far as I know, the crop factor of APS-C for Sony is 1.5, however, I understood that in video mode, it is more like 1.6. So would the 16mm APS-C lens be equivalent to a full frame lens of focal length 16 * 1.6 = 25.6mm?

In other words, would the following two lenses "look" equivalent?

1) Sony E 16mm f/2.8 (APS-C lens) on full frame camera with APS-C mode=on

2) (hypothetical) Sony 25.6mm full frame lens on full frame camera with APS-C mode=off

Any other differences I'm missing?

My motivation is to buy a cheap, wide/ultra wide APS-C lens for video.

Best regards


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