Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

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Re: Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

DNature wrote:


I bought a GH6 mainly to take videos. I have two lenses, an Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO and a Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro.

I have shot most of my videos in 4K 10-bit 25fps 4:2:2 All-I with Dynamic Range Boost ON. When I have shot landscape videos with the GH6 in V-Log using the Olympus 12-40 and Nisi Variable ND filter, either the 1.5-5 stop or the 5-9 stop depending on how bright it is.
I set the exposure to around 42 IRE or slightly brighter for mid tones using the waveform monitor and check I am not overexposing the highlights.

I have noticed that anything in the distance with infinity focus tends to look a bit soft, like its out of focus almost, even though on the camera peaking it shows that it is in focus. I have used it with focus peaking set to 0 and i have tried -1 to try and be more precise with focusing and actually see my subject without everything being in a red outline and hard to see in the screen.

I use the back button to get focus then manually adjust if needed as I don't use autofocus, especially not for landscapes.

This was taken at 12mm f/5.6 and all I did was put Panasonics V-Log to Rec 709 LUT on it, added a slight saturation boost and corrected the WB in Adobe Premiere Pro and it doesn't look that good to me and it looks a bit soft. I know this is a screenshot and a bit compressed but it is very close to how the video looks (View at 100% to see what I mean)

This image shows the same settings and again, it doesn't look that sharp either.

I am wondering what the cause could be and also what the diffraction limit of the GH6 is and if that could be a factor? Closer up shots don't look as bad, the issue just becomes noticeable in landscapes and I have also tried f/4-6.3 and zooming in to 14-18mm on the Olympus 12-40 but it doesn't seem to do much to make the image less soft looking.

I have shot videos on my GH5 in V-Log L using the same lenses and I think they are a bit sharper? I like the colors and the dynamic range more on the GH6 though. Can anyone help?

V-Log is designed to give low-contrast images.  Low-contrast images look softer than high-contrast images.

Here is your first image processed to increase the contrast and add some sharpening. (I haven't bothered to try to get the colours right).  It now looks much crisper.

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