Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

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Samuel Dilworth
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Re: Landscapes look a bit soft GH6 V-Log?

DNature wrote:

I have noticed that anything in the distance with infinity focus tends to look a bit soft, like its out of focus almost, even though on the camera peaking it shows that it is in focus. I have used it with focus peaking set to 0 and i have tried -1 to try and be more precise with focusing and actually see my subject without everything being in a red outline and hard to see in the screen.

I use the back button to get focus then manually adjust if needed as I don't use autofocus, especially not for landscapes.

Focus peaking, at least Panasonic’s implementation of it, isn’t suitable for this kind of critical focusing. Either punch in for precise manual focus or use autofocus once before each shot.

You’ll need to add plenty of careful sharpening if you want the crunchy look of a typical digital-camera still.

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