A7SIII Best Sony Camera

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A7SIII Best Sony Camera

Having used Sony FF and APSC cameras for about 5 years, the A7SIII is the all-around best Sony camera I have ever used and here’s why:


While probably not as good as the AF on my A9II (which reportedly has AF on par with the A1), I honestly can’t tell any difference for stills and feel like the A7SIII has superior AF in video.


A7SIII EVF is literally exponentially better, while the LCD seems better as well, even though it isn’t spec-wise. The EVF improves the shooting experience for sure. I personally don’t prefer the flip out LCD, however.


The 12 megapixel files produced by the A7SIII are excellent and, for most practical intents and purposes, more than enough megapixels unless you rely on cropping, print billboards, or pixel peep every image.

And that 12 megapixel file size, paired with CF Express cards, makes the A7SIII the snappiest/fastest, most efficient camera I’ve ever used.  Transferring files is a breeze.
As someone who shoots events from time to time, I wouldn’t hesitate to use the A7SIII to shoot a wedding and I bet money nobody would be able to tell the difference.

The readout speed is good enough to have considerably reduced rolling shutter.


I don’t need 8K, so the 4K and shooting modes in the A7SIII are more than enough, unless you are trying to film Lord of the Rings.

Image Stabilization:

It seems better than my other FF Sony cameras, almost as good as the IS in my Leica SL2-S, which probably uses Panasonic IS.


I believe the buttons on the A7SIII are slightly more responsive than those on my A9II or any other Sony camera. This reduces camera shake when depressing the shutter button. It just feel better—same with the buttons on the back if the camera.

If there are any counter arguments, I’m definitely interested in hearing them.

I know the A1 has 8K (which I’ll never need) and 50 megapixels (which I get 90% of from my A7RIIIs when needed) and can shoot 30 fps (overkill for me, having culled 20 fps shots—a pain in the…), and that’s cool if you really need those specs. But to pay twice as much $$$ for those specs—-no.

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