Considering a hybrid kit... or go full M43 for my fun general purpose

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Considering a hybrid kit... or go full M43 for my fun general purpose

I currently have a nice Sony FF kit. Gonna keep it for sure. Love the fast primes. M43 can't duplicate the 50 f1.2 or 135 f1.8 when I need it, but same old story - those lenses are fat and heavy. Years ago I had an OMD and loved it. Still have some great photos of my son framed and hung.

I love the size and weight of the Olympus F4 zooms. Seems macro is much easier with the OM1 due to the stacking and geez the 60 macro vs Sony 90 size.

I'm thinking of putting together a kit with:

OM1 plus 40-150 f4 zoom, 60 macro, and 75 f1.8

Sony A7r3 plus 24 f1.4, 35 f1.4, and 50 1.2

Or could just leave Sony for official portrait only sessions & replace above Sony with:

Second OM1 body plus 12-45 f4 zoom, 17 f1.2, and 25 f1.2

I think the full M43 kit would serve me just fine and definitely be more manageable, but I am having a hard time letting go of those sweet Sony primes.

Anybody try a hybrid? Anybody start using the Olympus 1.2 pros vs the Sony lenses I mentioned.

Don't need a description and arguments about equivalency etc. I'm aware of the differences. Just interested in if other people went thru same process and how they felt after months or a year.

Also forgot to mention the other reason I want to add an OM1... The Panasonic 200 2.8. Sony has nothing like that. It would not be for walking around but rather for when I planned to use it.

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