Need opinions about FZ80 rattling-buzzing spring-like sound when camera is tapped, powered on or off

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Re: Need opinions about FZ80

RD Lumix wrote:

RD Lumix wrote:

jlina wrote:

I would return it especially if you have a 300. It is a better alternative according to those on the forum. I only have the 1,000 Mark II.

Hi Jlina... I come from an FZ150 and FZ70, but I want now the WiFi and touchscreen for ease of use. People complain about the 300's AF hunting. I've been using the FZ 70 with the Nikon E15ed and Sony 1758. I'm not so confident about the 300 AF in this setup with the LA7 tube.


Indeed I decided to return it. It's off to Fedex and back to BH. I seriously question as to getting another FZ80. I had hoped it would be like my FZ70 (which is solid like a rock) but with touchscreen and WiFi.

sorry it didn't work for you. i still shoot with my FZ70 but if i were to upgrade it prolly would be the FZ200 or FZ300 or other.

keep us updated on what you decide and a mini review of your new camera.

Not like my FZ70 at all! Serious focus problems. Undependable. Like a jellyfish in parts of the screen and viewfinder, scintillating like a steamy mirage on the horizon. Total dealbreaker for me. Tried to upload a video but it's not allowed, I guess.

The FZ300 is a worthy camera. Pinpoint AF seems to work well when shooting through wild growth. It shows promise. I'm also looking at other possibilities if the 300 falls short. I don't see the 1000 Mark 2 on the Ebay market. It's probably too good.


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