what could have been a great lens... listen up pentax, this will hurt

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Re: what could have been a great lens... listen up pentax, this will hurt

Katmandude wrote:

I'll make it short and sharp.

Optically , this is a revered lens in my lens lineup. nothing short of stunning. tack sharp.

Electronically , this is a dumpster fire, in a mine field , in hell. Bought it factory fresh, spanking brand new as part of my architectural firms photo gear, and after 6 months , focusing motor died. No issues at that point, under warranty from factory. So I got it replaced no problems. Only problem is that my 2 year warranty was now 6 months. And guess what happened after 6 months and a day (literally...) motor died again.... so I paid the second time to get it fixed. And After 6 months , again. so basically it's a manual lens now. From what I have found out through my contacts within the Pentax community, is that this lens is a lottery. Some times you get the alcoholic who crashes periodically, some times you get the athlete who never falters. I got robbed on that scale. I got the worst one.

Don't get this lens unless you intend to use it as a manual.

You can have this converted from SDM to Screw Drive for $45. Look here -- https://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/24-photographic-equipment-sale/311609-sale-sdm-screwdrive-conversions.html

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