battery grip for R7?

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Re: No battery grip for R7 - why?

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Hi , there will be a grip, they generally dont come out straight away, i'd say around August/September, the camera it self wont be available till mid june, i think.

And you are basing this claim on what? Previous releases? As mentioned earlier, there are no physical signs that it will allow a batterygrip.

Or have you heard anything else?

Nothing that photo of the battery door suggests to me that the door cannot be removed. The camera is way too small for many of us and most will be attaching large lenses that require balance. Folks that shoot video need more battery life. Battery grips are extremely high margin items. I cannot say with authority that there will be one but if they don't it would be a one of their biggest blunders. I expect it to be available eventually.

I agree, about it being a big blunder for Canon. What in the world were the Canon designers thinking?

It seems they have a new team for each new model. There is no consistency anymore. Just look at the button layout. It changes for each new model. That  of course is not a deal breaker per se but it drives me nuts. The 5D->5D4 and all 1-series models looked more or less the same. Did anyone complain? No, quite the opposite in fact.

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