Need help between choosing R5 or R7

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Re: Need help between choosing R5 or R7

danferrin wrote:

Wing2 wrote:

I disagree. First the resolution issue. If I’m using a 1.4 extender on an R5 and crop into the same image I would get without that extender on the same lens on an R7, I still have less than a 32.5 mp image from the R5 and a 32.5 mp image from the R7. The R7 has the greater resolution. That advantage is further magnified if I put the 1.4 extender on the R7.

Second, it seems to me that low light performance of the R5 compared to the R7 should be evaluated in the same context - the full R7 image compared to the 1.6 cropped image from the R5. I suspect the R7 would compare quite favorably.

If you crop a R5 image with extender to get the same image as R7 without extender, you will find the image of R5 is actually still higher resolution 35MP than R7 at 32.3MP (image is already magnified 1.414 times, so it is just a little bit of cropping)

Practically, such crop is just good for comparison purpose, users would appreciate having the extra resolution and wider field of view at the same time.

Yes, you can add 1.4x extender to R7 but image will still be inferior to R5 with a 2x extender.

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