ideal used camera (and lenses) for low light, small concerts

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ideal used camera (and lenses) for low light, small concerts

we're talking about small bars that only hold 100-300 people max. generally front of stage (or floor, depending on the bar!)

i'm hoping to minimize the use of flash, so i'm assuming i'd need a camera with a very decent low-noise high ISO (3200-6400+?) and maybe a 35mm or 50mm f1.4/f1.8 lens (depending on whether i get full body or aps-c) and some 28-70'ish f2.8 zoom lens for more flexibility.

i'm not attached to any particular brand but i've been mainly looking at nikon cameras.

i'm torn between a full body like maybe an older nikon d700 or cropped sensor like d7100. if i get something like a d7100, i would assume its recommended to pair it with a prime lens thats 35mm instead of 50mm? (since from what i understand, a cropped lens would effectively make it closer to 75mm'ish which i *think* is gonna prevent me from framing a decent band shot without stepping a bit further back).

would it still be worth it to go further down to something like a nikon d3400?
my other concern is if i go full body, i'm guessing the lenses are gonna be way more expensive.

my ideal budget is around 500$ for at least a body and 1 lens but that may be asking for a lot.

these shots will just be used on my social media or maybe some very small publications. nothing serious or too professional.

low-light bar/concert photos are really the only thing i'm after. for everything else and general picture taking, i'm fine with my iphone. don't care about video either!

thanks for any input!

Nikon D3400 Nikon D700 Nikon D7100
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