Photographic Exposure and Manual Mode Shooting

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Re: Photographic Exposure and Manual Mode Shooting

Thank you so much for your feedback Bill, there are so many things I agree with.

These were the first two videos I made for the channel while we were in lock-down here in Italy and it's kind of funny how - in spite of being so uncomfortable in front of the camera (the difference is tangible if compared with the most recent videos) - these are the most viewed of my channel...I guess the topic is quite interesting for a wide range of photographers. Just to confirm that I agree with "leaving the math and technical discussion for later in the series" but that's most probably a bias of my profession in engineering. Anyway, I will keep your advice in mind for future videos...I love math but I also understand that it could be boring sometimes...

About ISO and Sensitivity, this is another point I agree with; nevertheless I preferred to put it that way to avoid talking about "Gain": in fact - as you you correctly pointed out - ISO value doesn't ramp up "Sensitivity" (otherwise we would never have noise in our pictures), but just the "Gain" and so the Luminosity of the final picture...but I thought that would have been even harder to understand for any beginner watching the video...

For this reason, quoting "It's not an exposure setting affecting exposure or the sensor's ability to capture light",I never talked in the videos about any potential relation between "ISO and Exposure": in fact I believe it would have been a huge mistake to put ISO into an "Exposure Triangle" (which is unfortunately quite common in Exposure videos and tutorials) since Exposure is just about "quantity of light" (aperture) and "time" this sense, math helped to make things a little bit clearer

Once again, thank you so much for your time and your useful advice, I really appreciate that. I will surely ask your opinion again when I will add English subs to the "Megapixels - too few or too many?" videos...

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