Photographic Exposure and Manual Mode Shooting

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Re: Photographic Exposure and Manual Mode Shooting

It's clear you've invested a lot of time and effort to produce these videos. I applaud the work and effort, and your desire to help beginners.

I've watched the first few minutes of video #1 and spot-checked it to the end. One suggestion I have, would be to lead off with an introductory lesson showing a variety of photos illustrating the diversity of what can be done with a camera. You could also use graphics to show the settings used for the photos. But I'd suggest leaving the math and technical discussion for later in the series. Get their attention, first, before diving into the maths.

For the section on exposure. I would suggest adding scene luminance as the third parameter that, along with aperture (f-stop) and exposure time (shutter speed) determines exposure. To illustrate this, you could show photos of the same landscape or street scene taken in the daytime and also at night. The significant reduction in scene luminance at night requires wider apertures or longer exposure times to compensate. Even with these changes, higher ISOs may be needed to render photos having a pleasing lightness.

I'd also suggest clarifying that ISO as a "sensitivity" setting doesn't change the sensor's ability to capture light. It's as sensitive to a given exposure at ISO 100 as it is at ISO 51200. What changes as ISO changes is the lightnes of the JPEG rendered in-camera. In this context, ISO can be described as an output sensitivity setting that changes the lightness of the photo. It's not an exposure setting affecting exposure or the sensor's ability to capture light.

Thanks, again, for your work to produce these videos.

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