Need opinions about FZ80 rattling-buzzing spring-like sound when camera is tapped, powered on or off

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Re: Packaging

alcelc wrote:

Judging from the sequence of pictures of unboxing your camera, I guess your camera should have been taken out and repackaged again.

Reason: The hint is on the first picture. That top separator should be used to house the manual etc (if your sequence of pictures were in good order, they were stored at the bottom of the box!).

Due to the bottom of the box had been occupied by something they are not designed to sit there, it made the camera sitting improperly and so the top cover can't be closed well.

I think this is a standard packaging used by Panasonic so the top separator is in L shape.

Either your seller had took out the camera for a pre-sell checking, or it was a returned product.

If you are not comfortable with it, return it.

As a comparison, this is how I received my FZ300 from BH recently. Yes, the booklets are laying on top, though it's an entirely different package arrangement.

No issues with this camera as yet.

Still waiting for an FZ80 user to say nay, no buzzy sounds when I tap it. If I return this one I have to find another source to buy. I think I don't want to give BH a third go round on this.


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