The R3 is INSANE

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The R3 is INSANE

Worked a whole year with the R5 and really liked the camera despite some annoying  quirks (unable to use a lower burst speed in eshutter, couldn’t instantly switch between whole area af and tracking spot af) to name a few quickly. But man the R3 takes the « Canon mirrorless system» to a whole new level.

After 1 day of work with it, its the best damn camera I’ve ever used, and I shot the Nikon D4 and Sony A9 for years before in the days (amongst other stuff).

Ergonomics are a dream (well, almost. Whats up with Canon and their stupid location for power switch always forcing both hands operation) The R5 + 85 1.2 had a very narrow spacing left between the lens barrel and my fingers

Now look at all that space with the R3

Its not even comparable, and that grip space was my main gripe with my Sony A9, having my knuckles against the lens for a whole wedding day was very unpleasant, and yesterday I tried the new A74 and even with a not so big sigma 25-70 art, yep knuckles still touching, yuck.

The AF is SO MUCH BETTER. Not only its faster but EVERY DAMN AF METHODS CAN TRACK. So I can finally set my AF just like I did on Sony (and really, really liked this) whole area and spot only (I disable everything else) and use AF-ON to instantly switch between both (on the R5 you can only switch to a non tracking method)

Did I mentioned how beefy and confortable the grip is?

Theres alot of upgrades everywhere. The whole networks/connections method is totally revamped. Just like the R5, I use the camera to send small jpegs to my ShutterSnitch iPad app, and the whole process of connecting is so much better, no need to stare at that stupid « connection » screen, its done automatically in the background as soon as you enabled the network. You can also register TWENTY items (vs 3 or 4 on the R5)

The grip is NICE.

I don’t care about 24mp, this is my events/sports/weddings/families camera, I don’t want to end up with 3000 massive files of a soccer match. I already have a GFX100 for weiner mesuring purpose.

People saying Sony made this camera 4-5 years ago are just plain stupid. The A9 COULD NOT sync flash with eshutter. The A9 COULD NOT takes 14bit raw in eshutter (maybe it could in single shot? Don’t remember) The A9 COULD NOT use flicker reduction with eshutter (not to be confusing with led banding) and the A9 COULD NOT use fractional shutter speed to get rid of any led banding. These are pretty big significant changes. And most of them only got introduced into the A1.

Also, beefy body.

Its funny that the Z9 is mechanical shutter less, because it can’t do anything vs stage/studio led banding that often occurs on stages. No mecha to revert back and no fractional speeds, such a weird omission. And the auto scanning method from Canon is just plain amazing, no need to fiddle with trial and error find the exact sweet spot of fractional speed to get of banding, the R3 scans and gives you the perfect value under 5sec.

The R3 can be used with the electronic shutter all the time, there’s absolutely no reason to the mechanical. HSS even works fine with eshutter and you can use just about any flash remote, even good old pocket wizard 2s.

It’s definitely a bit overpriced, eyeball detection AF is cool but didn’t get the chance to shoot sports with a long lens yet, otherwise I use the back lcd much more.


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