Uncropped 4k/60 options? Or am I being stupid

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Re: An example of 60p 4k real estate drone video? Or am I being stupid?

Mark, again you hit it out of the park. Thanks for the great info - I'm definitely going to play with the eye detection.

Sorry for the delay - been a whirlwind over here! Just wanted to report in with my results.

So basically my challenge was in getting nice, crisp 4k footage while also keeping it beautifully smooth and often slow. What I've ended up doing is actually shooting a mix of 4k30 and 4k60. On most shots, I do my best to get slow, smooth footage in 4k30, which takes advantage of the full sensor, I can have the shutter speed at 1/60, and I hardly ever get noise. On shots where I'm moving close to an object in the foreground, even on the RSC2 it's very difficult to move past it both slowly and smoothly, so I'll often pull the lens out to 14mm and use the 4k60 cropped mode, which acts like a 21mm, then set the clip to 50% speed. Of course when I do that, shutter speed goes to 1/120, so the ISO often has to go up to compensate, so I get some noise on darker shots, but nothing that I can't handle in post.

I've also learned that the look that I REALLY like is shooting on a slider - BUT, it's already taking me 2 hours to shoot an interior with the gimbal, and I can't imagine how long it would take to lug in a slider and two tripods or whatever, and set it up how many times. My hat is off to the people that do it regularly - it's just hard to imagine being able to add that kind of time to every shoot. For those of you all who do it all the time, how long does a shoot take you on average? Just trying to figure out what might work for me.

I still haven't ruled out the Canon 10-18, but I do wonder with its limited F-stop range that I might have some challenges versus the f2.8-22 of the Sigma!  But I'll probably try it anyway, especially for the price!

Still absolutely LOVING the S5 - again, I had no idea what I was missing. It's an incredibly capable camera and it's put me light-years ahead of where I was.

Thanks for all the help - I sure appreciate it!

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