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Tom_N wrote:

Daverich04 wrote:

Nick on the Baltic wrote:

Not sure your source is correct. Whatever, 5.1 came out in 1989, not 1985, so your point is?

That MacWrite was not the first modern word processor

If that's the point you were trying to make, WordPerfect was a poor example. It did not have an editable WYSIWYG mode in 1983 / 1984, when Apple had LisaWrite and MacWrite, or in 1985, when the first GUI version of Microsoft Word (the Mac version) came out.

WordPerfect for Windows didn't come out until 1991. And prior to version 6.0 (1993), WordPerfect for DOS "used different colors, or text color inversions to indicate various markups, and a graphic mode only for an uneditable print preview that used generic fonts rather than the actual fonts that appeared on the printed page." (Wikipedia)

Since editable WYSIWYG modes are a basic feature of modern word processors, it seems that WordPerfect was rather late to the party.

I kind of wish that the people responding to my posts by getting all wrapped up in when WordPerfect became WYSIWYG would also address the actual point I was trying to make about whether MacWrite was or was not the first “modern word processor”. I don’t think it was but I’m willing to learn otherwise.

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