battery grip for R7?

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Re: No battery grip for R7 - why?

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Hi , there will be a grip, they generally dont come out straight away, i'd say around August/September, the camera it self wont be available till mid june, i think.

And you are basing this claim on what? Previous releases? As mentioned earlier, there are no physical signs that it will allow a batterygrip.

Or have you heard anything else?

Watch the Adorama video. Rudy Winston stated there are no plans for a grip.

Rudy also corrected the Adorama guy and clearly stated that the R7 was never intended to be a 7DII successor and the '7' is just coincidental and not intended as a reference to the 7D DSLR line.

Perhaps the R7 should have been named R70 and the R10 should have been R700


What’s in a name? It does a lot more than the 7D2 in most ways and that is what most wanted. Smaller body, no gps, no flash and a few other things are not there but in every other way it seems a big step up. Rudy said it was placed between the 90D and the 7D2, which makes sense as the two lines overlapped somewhat.

I suppose you cannot keep everyone happy.

Some wanted smaller bodies, some wanted larger for instance. DSLRs definitely grew very large compared to their film predecessors.

hence the advantage of an optional battery grip.
Leave it off if you want small, put it on if you want the camera larger. 
Canon decided  not to offer that with the R7 - make sense of that if you can


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