battery grip for R7?

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Re: No battery grip for R7 - why?

I downloaded two images one for R5 and one for R7. Then I added them to layers in photoshop to compare the size. The R7 is a smaller than R5. The gap between the lens and grip is smaller. This combined with no battery grip makes me think this is a 90D or EOS M replacement. I sold my 7D II earlier this year. Can't help thinking the build quality was better in the older cameras. But it was starting to develop problems because of its age.

I think the crop mode on the R5 is very similar to the 7D II. Less pixels but less noise. But really I would like a bit more resolution. Always thought a 1.4 crop in the R5 would be better. It would be nearly 23mp.  The other side of it is that we reach a limit where for moving subjects blur is more visible with more resolution.

The pixel size on the R7 is 3.20µm vs 4.39µm.  Or a ratio of 1.371 so a 1.4 converter would put the same number of pixels on the subject.  I always used the 100-400mm with the 7D.  So adding the 1.4 to that would be 560mm but now I have 100-500mm.  So things are nearer than I thought.  Obviously the FOV would be 640mm equivalent at 400mm on the 7D but cropping would fix that.

So my options are not have a second body, get the R7 and hope ergonomics are ok, get an R6 and use the 1.4 converter.  The last option is the most expensive!  I would have payed more for an R7 in a R6 body!  Or if canon made a 600mm zoom lens...

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