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* Wed C&C "No Theme" Thread #735 on 2022 05 25 *

Welcome to the Wednesday Comments and Critique (No Theme) thread!

We are continuing the great tradition of this C&C thread because we are convinced that looking at and talking about images is vital for better photography.

The idea is simple: you post an image and get critique on it, and in return give other people your opinion of their images, or vice versa.

Please post your image (or essay) in a reply to this very first message in the thread, and not in a reply to someone else's message. This keeps the thread tidy, with a sequence of images and then the comments on those images right under them. Threaded view of the thread is recommended to see what we mean.

Generally, you should post only ONE SINGLE IMAGE for C&C.


  1. You may post two pictures resulting from one shutter release but with different treatment (for example a color and a black & white version, or a different crop) for us to choose from and comment on. You may also post in a single post, two images that are closely related in subject or style.
  2. The thread is also open for the contribution of a Photo Essay of three or more images that should be viewed as a whole and that tell a specific story.
  3. If you want to submit to C&C more than one image (while they do not form an essay or are not closely related), please submit the different images each in their own separate sub thread. This new rule has been created in order to have a greater variety of images in “slow” weeks with few participants. In a “busy” week, please limit yourself to a single submission (image or essay) in order to give as many participants as possible a change to participate.


  1. If you post an image, you should critique at least one other image. If you post more than one image, please make an effort to post comments on at least a few images of other members.
  2. Keep your comments honest but polite. If you don’t care for an image try to explain why. This is neither a “Good shot!” nor an image-bashing thread.

Any style, any camera.

Feedback is guaranteed (-for up to 48 h after the thread has started)! Though keep in mind that the thread tends to be busiest during the first 24 hours or so, so later image posts may get little feedback.


Single Images

  1. Change the title so we can sort different images out easily!
  2. Remember to add the EXIF if your image doesn't embed it as this may help
  3. Consider telling us what your own opinion on your image is. What prompted you to click that shutter button? What did you see? Why do you like the result? You don't have to explain, but it might be interesting.
  4. You are very welcome to post a group reply to the feedback you have received. This could include a new version of your image modified in response to the comments.

Photo Essays

The idea is that the posted images should be related and together try to tell a story about a place, an event, a travel you made, a (group of) person(s), a hobby or whatever is fit for an essay.

  1. Suggested number of images : minimum 3 and maximum 12 but numbers may vary.
  2. It is allowed (and encouraged) to include some verbal narrative IF you think that helps explain the essay, but text is not required. You can choose to let the images speak for themselves.
  3. Individual technical data of the separate photos is not required, but you can of course give information that you deem relevant.
  4. If you post a series, you commit yourself to critique at least one other series (if there are any; if not critique at least one image...). To make a distinction with the C&C of single images, we feel that comments should not focus on individual images, but on the series as a series. This can cover multiple angles :
  • do you think the series tells the story well?
  • how about the sequence and pace : would you sequence the images differently, and if so, why?
  • is there enough consistency in cropping, angles, PP treatment : does it really feel like a series or is it just a collection of shots?
  • do you think one image is a real highlight, or are there one or more images that would better be removed to prune the essay to a leaner and meaner series?
  • do you think a certain angle of the place/event/... is sorely missing from the story?
  • et cetera


  • The critique you give is vital. What was your first impression? What catches your eye about an image? Why? What do you like, and what distracts you? What would you change?
  • Fiddle with the image in your head - composition, perspective, color balance, exposure.
  • It is understood that unless the original poster specifically states that they do not want an altered image posted that you are free to alter the posted image and repost it in a reply for C&C purposes (no use for other purposes!). That reposted image may remain permanently or you may remove it after a short period of time if you prefer. No copyright disputes here!
  • More general feedback is also welcome. Do you know something about taking the same sort of image that would make matters easier - share your own as an example in your reply. Encourage - it is a scary business putting your work up for other people to judge!
  • Finally what is the verdict? Waste-bin? Snapshot? Could be better? Family Album? Frame on wall? Poster-size frame on wall? Billboard? Reuters? World Press Photo? National Geographic? Museum? (pick your own superlative here)

One of the first replies is “The Related Post”. Below that header is the place to post your general musings about the C&C Thread.

In another of the first replies, the “Archives”, you can find the links (and cumulative links) to ALL our previous editions. Enjoy the time-travel!

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