battery grip for R7?

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Re: No battery grip for R7 - why?

boldcolors wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

I'm trying to figure out Canon's rationale here . . .

Is it purely a pricing thing ?
An optional battery grip requires the electrical/signal interface as well as the software/code to support it. That must be worth a couple of hundred dollars and might have put the camera above their target price point.

Is it a functional thing - Canon feels that a battery grip isn't needed ?
In that case it's also not needed for the R5, R6 and R yet they all have an optional battery grip.
And even the RP has an Extension Grip which has two locator pins that fit into holes on the body. And that simple functionality (holes) allows 3rd party manufacturers to build 'proper' 2-battery grips like the Vello BG-C18 vello grip

Is it an incentive for serious birders et al to buy the more expensive R5 and R6, aka the 'cripple hammer' ?

Did they not understand that many 7DII owners have big lenses and use a battery grip and they would have ordered a grip for their R7 immediately. It's not that Canon doesn't know how many BG-E16s they have sold.

I would like to have been a fly on the wall in the room when they made their decision


Yes I agree with all these questions. It's puzzling. I know it's been a trend to make cameras smaller because it is possible. But they seem to forget the lenses (and adult hands). IMO the R5/R6 is about as small as you could/should go WITH optional batterygrip in mind.

The ironic part is that even though it would have been more expensive for Canon to develop batterygrip support for the R7, I am sure they would have made heaps more money selling them since the demand seems high.

At least I hope they will offer a grip-extension like the one for RP which really makes a LOT of difference.

But without those two locator holes 3rd party makers can't do a battery grip like they do for the RP - torque on the battery grip could rotate it and damage the portion that inserts into the camera body's battery compartment. And even a simple (unpowered) grip extension would rotate unless it was locked very tightly into the camera's tripod socket - never a good thing to do to any camera.

I'm just left guessing at this omission


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