XT3 - erratic command dials and occasional shutter button hiccups

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XT3 - erratic command dials and occasional shutter button hiccups

Hey folks! Long time lurker, but finally had a good reason to annoy you all

Recently bumped into a used XT3 trade-in at a local shop - the price was pretty good  and condition seemed great, couldn't pass it up. The battery was dead and there was no lens, but the shop fella was happy to let me take it home for a couple weeks and return it if anything's weird.

Been using it for 3 days and so far, everything mostly works, except both the front and rear dials seem more erratic than I'd like and the shutter button will *occasionally* appear to take a little moment to do it's thing.

Both dials have exactly the same behaviour - spinning them in a constant direction will do about 70% the right thing, and 30% the opposite Zooming in and out of photos, scrolling between photos, setting SS or aperture, etc. Doesn't really matter what it is, it will randomly go in the opposite direction. Rotating slowly or fast doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

The shutter is a lot more subtle and honestly if it weren't for the dials, I'd wonder if it was in my head. Half pressing to focus always seems to work, full pressing works well 95% of the time, but will occasionally seem to take a little extra moment, which instantly flashes me back to the shutter delay in early digital cameras and triggers my anxiety haha.

I've read about wonky dials in other Fuji cameras that ended up needing the top plate entirely replaced, but that may not be an option on a used, out of warranty camera.

Any tips or relevant experience would be greatly appreciated! Do all your XT3s have wonky dials? Did you have wonky dials in the past and managed to get them fixed? Should I return this thing and pay the extra 500 bucks (Canada, eh?) for a new body?


ps - X-T3 body, about 11500 shutter activations according to the exif website thing, fully upated with the latest firmware!

Fujifilm X-T3
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