RF-S 18-150

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Karen Casebeer wrote:

So, if I'm understanding this correctly, I could use this lens on my RP full frame body. Right? Are there any ramifications of using this lens on a full frame body?

Sounds like it.

Since it is made for a crop sensor camera, the lens cannot cover a Full Frame sensor. So the camera will go into 1.6x crop mode, which only leaves it with 10MP on an RP.   (or 8MP on a R6 or 18MP on an R5)

So the ramification is that you will be shooting with a 1.6x 10MP sensor when you use an RF-S lens.

But, you will get a much smaller and lighter lens than the Full Frame RF 24-240. And for vacation snaps or family outing photos, 10MP might be more than enough.

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